Can Chewing Gum Really Clean Your Mouth?

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 431 total views Chewing gum is a soft, sticky substance that is chewed and advised not to swallow. Primarily, chewing gum was made up of parts of trees like sap and leaves. All chewing gums consist of ingredients: gum base, sweeteners, preservatives, fillers, resins, and softeners. In this blog professional dentist has shared some benefits of chewing […]

Understanding The Relation Between Energy Drinks And Your Gums

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 585 total views According to studies, people are not aware of the drawbacks that energy drinks have on gums. Consuming energy drinks causes a lot of terrible damage to the gums that are not curable. The enamel gets eroded due to the high acidic tendency that the energy drinks possess. The riskiest age group is that […]

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Tooth Decay Spreading | Tips To Stop The Spread

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 540 total views,  2 views today Smile is something which makes two people happy, the one giving it and the other receiving it. So, Experts and doctors came up with a solution to this problem by introducing ‘Cosmetic Dentistry’. Cosmetic Dentistry is also a smile makeover because literally it means that! This procedure will give you a […]

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How To Deal With Toothache?

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 694 total views If your toothache is frequent or experiences sudden pain, it can range from mild to painful. Sometimes it can be easy to cause pain by something stuck between the teeth. Usually, when you experience a toothache, you think of what it feels like to grab some floss and remove the culprit. On the […]

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