Can Habitual Chewing Be Dangerous?

The teeth chewing are known as the condition in which a person usually grinds his or her teeth. It usually occurs when a person sleeps and it may not be aware of how frequently or severely they clench or grind their teeth. The damage in the tooth of a person is one of the most obvious dangers of the teeth or habitual chewing. The major risk of habitual chewing is that you would damage your enamel. The enamel is the outer protective layer which coats every single tooth. Yes, the expert dental services provider found that habitual chewing of the teeth can be dangerous and here is how it can affect the mouth.

Expert Dental Services
Expert Dental Services

Jaw Damage Due To Usual Chewing

The chewing leads to excessive pressure which is placed on the jaw of a person. The jaw of a person is the largest bone of the human skull and it is able to withstand substantial pressure. However, when the excessive pressure becomes habitual, the result is usually a very painful condition known as Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome–TMJ. Hence, people suffering from bruxism are rarely aware of what they are until the symptoms of pain are present.

Hence, grinding of teeth can also lead to chronic pain in the jaw, which then makes everyday tasks like chewing, biting, talking, swallowing and unbearably painful. This is one of the major dangers of the habitual chewing suggested by dental services expert.

Other Complications Due To Chewing

People having the bruxism problems is also not a good candidate for a dental implant, and it is an artificial tooth which is often used to replace the natural tooth, which is typically molar which has been pulled. The dental implants have been considered by the dentist to be the superior to bridgework, but it is rarely recommended for those with the uncontrolled bruxism as the patients grind the device far inside their gum line and which subsequently damage the jaw.

Dental Implant
Dental Implant

Things TO Know About Habitual Chewing

It is  linked to stress

You would be more likely to chew your teeth if you are feeling tense, frustrated or anxious. However, we don’t yet fully understand the factors which lead to grinding of teeth. Hence, drinking caffeine or smoking before may also be in the contributing factors. Teeth grinding of a person are also associated with highly determined and competitive personality types.

Children do  it more than adults

You may not be aware of the fact but up to 15 percent of kids usually grind their teeth. This does not mean that kids are being stressed or something else. This is because they can do the same when they have been coping with teething or earaches. It is also related to the jaw as well as tooth development and growth.

You can  start doing it later in life

Even if you have not been a teeth grinder or clincher in life, that does not mean you will never become one. Since stress is a major cause of bruxism; you may become teeth grinder or clincher later because of some of the unexpected changes as well as challenges in life.

Emergency Dental Services
Emergency Dental Services

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