Can Chewing Gum Really Clean Your Mouth?

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Chewing gum is a soft, sticky substance that is chewed and advised not to swallow. Primarily, chewing gum was made up of parts of trees like sap and leaves. All chewing gums consist of ingredients: gum base, sweeteners, preservatives, fillers, resins, and softeners. In this blog professional dentist has shared some benefits of chewing gums.


There are Several Benefits of Chewing Gums That Dentists Have Mentioned.

Benefits of Chewing Gums 

Bad breath – Strong-smelling food like garlic and onion can lead to a foul smell. Bad breath could be embarrassing. Consuming flavored chewing gum can remove bad breath.

Clean teeth – Chewing gums are available in two types – chewing gums with sugar and sugar-free. The benefits of chewing gum depend on whether it contains sugar or not.  Chewing gums containing sugar increases the risk of developing a cavity. 

Chewing sugar– Free chewing gums after a meal can help to neutralize acids released by bacteria. These acids are harmful to tooth enamel. Chewing gums also helps to increase saliva flow in the mouth which helps to wash out food particles and keep teeth clean. Get also tips to stop the spread tooth decay from professionals.

Sugar-free gums sweetened with xylitol– An artificial sweetener, inhibits the growth of oral bacteria that causes cavities. Due to xylitol, the ability of bacteria to stick on the tooth surface decreases hence hampering tooth decay. After constant use of sugar-free chewing gums, types of bacteria in the mouth change that causes lesser tooth decay.

Chewing gums are helpful to clean teeth but cannot replace brushing and flossing. Chewing gums are beneficial in the short term after a meal when one cannot use a brush. These help to break down harmful food particles until brushing. Chewing gums can reach the surfaces of teeth but cannot reach between the teeth as flossing does.

Whitening teeth – Habits like drinking coffee and smoking can lead to discoloration of teeth. Different kinds of toothpaste are available to make teeth white. Whitening chewing gums are also available. These help to wash away food particles that cause stains by increasing saliva flow in the mouth.

Quit smoking – Chewing gums like nicotine gum helps to quit smoking.

Chewing gums are also helpful in relieving the stress of daily life.

So, Chewing gum while performing any task can boost alertness and memory of the brain. Chewing gums also helps to focus for a longer time.

Effects of Chewing Gums 

Choking and excretion of chewing gums – Chewing gums should not be swallowed. Chewing gums are indigestible and can remain in a human’s stomach for a longer duration. Chewing gums will pass through the digestive system if the mass is small enough. In most cases, it gets passed readily as any other food. In rare cases, chewing gums have choked people to death. 

Environmental effects – Chewing gums found stuck beneath the benches, tables, and stairs are hard to remove. It is wise to dispose of it properly in dustbins.
Though chewing gums help clean teeth but cannot replace brushing and flossing. It is advisable to see a local dentist twice a year for a regular check-up.

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